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Minimum Government, Maximum Governance

In reality, our states need a new system of governance. A system that says: minimum government, maximum governance. A political system which will rise above petty political ambitions and unite the nation into one republic: one family. States are indivisible limbs of a nation. Yet, we see states fighting with each other for survival. Don't we feel the pain when a family member is in pain?  Don't we help our family members in the time of distress? How can we remain aloof from the joys and sorrows faced by our family members? Individuals sacrificing for the good of the society is deep-rooted in our culture. Why did Shiva swallow poison? Why did Sage Dadhichi sacrifice his bones? 

Then, why are individuals not eager to make a sacrifice for society and the society for nation? Why does a society feel that it's progress lies in the downfall of others? Why does a state feel that progress of another state will hinder its own progress? Why does one person feel that it is necessary to…