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Silver Screen: Chidambaram

Chidambaram is supposedly a Malayalam movie but most of its dialogues are in Tamil. The movie directed by G. Aravindan and is inspired from a short story of the same name by Sri. C.V. Sriraman and is a beautifully directed artistic movie that forces a person to ask questions regarding a man and woman relationship.

The movie begins with Sankaran (Gopi) works in the office of a cattle farm and is still a spinster leading a lonely life. Muniyandi, the labourer who manages the cattle in the farm has been newly married and he visits the farm with his dusky wife Shivagami (Smita Patil). Shivagami who is brought up in a sun-baked remote village in Tamil Nadu, supposedly explains the dusky complexion and immediately, she is fascinated by the farm and its awesome greenery. Soon it is revealed that Sankaran and Shivagami have an illicit relationship. The consequences of the affair form the rest of the movie.

The movie does not have pages of dialogues and the powerhouse acting with expressions ju…