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The Weight Gain Tamasha

We have often been told motherhood is the best phases of life for a woman. The arrival of a new born baby is a proud moment of joy for any married couple. Similarly, one of the most powerful couples from Hindi cinema Aishwarya Bachchan and Abhishek Bachchan are no different. So, when Aishwarya made an appearance at the recent Cannes Film Festival, viewers and the media were simply appalled to notice that she had not lost her post-pregnancy weight.  

To begin with, she does not have any film at hand which would demand that she lose her weight immediately. The choice whether or not she wishes to continue in films or wait for Aaradhya to grow up is entirely her decision. Why does the media need to make Aishwarya's weight gain as important as a national issue? How does it make a difference and affect us in the long run? Do we really need to discuss about her weight gain? It's her body, her life and I am sure she does not owe the nation an explanation on why she did not lose her wei…

Three Years with 3D

The UPA Government recently completed three years in office and the common people received a cruel shock of petrol prices being hiked by Rs. 7.50 with this being dubbed as the sharpest. There is absolutely no doubt that we are an intersection of churn and dramatic change as political alignments could change with the Presidential Elections which would dictate our road ahead to 2014. Where we go from here depends whether or not the government shows some spine and the ability for mature political initiative. There has been a consistent lack of leadership in entirety to demonstrate any such imagination.

Leadership can wait but it seems the UPA has abandoned its instinct for even basic political survival. True, I do understand that miscalculations do happen in a field like politics but this isn't the case--it was simply a severe lack of political understanding which is also laced with arrogance. The UPA has completely misread the public sentiment on national issues like corruption, blac…