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Just Be, For Once!

There are many ways to dissect my current frame of mind, both positively and negatively. But for once, I choose not to put a name to it, try and find meaning to it or even for look for a solution. I choose instead, to revel in it and let nature take its course.

Ever since I put my feet into a pair of flip-flops and went to college, my life took a new course. As things began to take shape, I jumped into it and charged ahead... filling my days, weeks, months and years with all of the things I wished to complete within a span of one year. In a certain sense, it was exhausting... being a Superman wearing flip-flops with a coffee cup in one hand and a totally packed schedule in the other. Don't get me wrong... I loved every single moment of it, but somewhere every momet of my life was accounted for, never allowing me to be spontaneous!

And then suddenly for the past few weeks... I just let go! I wanted to just BE... to do what I wanted to do when I wanted to do it. I also wanted to NOT …


If you read the large print at the top, you know I'm back. Missed reading my blog? Those of you who did not, why were you reading the blog in the first place? Stop now. I took a break for a while, because I just didn't have the kind of time I needed to write a halfway decently write-up on the blog. The Bangalore schedule was hectic and maddening, followed by a family function, so I figured rather than write something I wasn't happy with, I'd time some time off. And now, I'm back.
Spent the last month of April in Bangalore. It's a beautiful place and the big thing I did there was honing my new found passion for photography. I'd made up my mind before I even got there that I was going to do railfanning (or trainspotting, in simpler terms). It's something I've wanted to do for a long time and I kept doing it in and around Mumbai but not to the extent I should have. The night before my railfanning session, someone asked me why I wanted to do it. I'd …

The Truth Shall Set You Free

I was very embarrassed when my cousin told me about a community on Facebook which read, "A lion would never cheat his wife, but a Tiger Wood". I was deeply offended by this name. His marriage has duly been scrutinized by the media, his intentions have been weighed and his apology dissected from left, right and centre. As the world awaited to see whether the second longest sabbatical from golf in his career will affect his game, I was just as eager to see the public reaction when he returns to the turf.

Is everyone going to be forgiving and happy to see the face of golf back? As I watched him being an interview two weeks back, in a no holds bar interview, he appeared contrite, sorry and extremely honest. I think what I saw on his face was a sign of relief. The truth was finally all out there. There was no fear of being judged by the world anymore. It was almost as though the truth had set him free.

It happens to most of us, especially dancers like me who are in the limelight. I…

Second Best Options

Somebody asked me a rather pertinent question recently, "Divya, what would you have been if you were not a dancer?" Wow!! That was a question that got me thinking and for what seemed like the longest time, I drew a blank (pun unintended). Odd, how it took a while to even get the whole thought process in motion! It crossed my mind to say something inane like "Probably, I'd have been employed with the United Nations working towards world peace." Actually, I had absolutely no idea what I should have said. Dance has consumed me for as long as I can remember. The obsessive manner with which, I have pursued this passion, really has not left me with the opportunity of doing too much else.

Of course, I would have had to find an alternate talent. I doubt my parents would have patiently stood by all my trials and tribulations in the absence of any real focus! Clearly a more conventional attempt at securing my livelihood? I feel blessed to have had the chance to follow my …

Homeward Bound

It's almost like my internal fuel tank is running on reserve. With only a few litres of energy left, I'm hoping that God and good luck will see me through the next 24 hours! After that, the world will change for me... because, starting Monday morning, I'm taking my first real holiday in over one-and-a-half years!

My bags are packed and I'm ready to go and I'm excited that if there's a chance I'll ask the motorman to let me drive the train so I can get home faster! I get back home to Bangalore this Monday morning after being away for more than one-and-a-half years and I just cannot wait to get back there. I have an action-packed vacation in Bangalore that begins almost the minute I board the train. But, there are a few things I want to do before I get to Bangalore.

I want to give my mom a big hug and spend some quality time catching up. I'll really miss her. I want to call my closest friends and give them a hug as well because I missed them too. I wish to …

First Crushes

"Why don't you be my girlfriend?
I'll treat you good
I know you hear your friends when they say
You should coz if you were my girlfriend
I'd be your shining star
The one who'll show you where you are
Girl, you should be my girlfriend."

Sighh! I am getting nostalgic while listening to the N*Sync sing this song. The words have instantly transported me to a time when I was four feet tall, five years of age and an absolute brat. As cliched as it might sound, my first crush happened in the community park and it literally crushed me! Yes, community park! He ran for the same swing on which I had set my eyes on, tackled me to the ground and sat on me! Even though his face is a mere wisp of a memory now, it was a true-blue crushworthy moment for me!

From that day on, we would routinely fight and bruise each other! I don't think I've looked forward to anything more than going to the park and getting beaten up by that little rascal! At the age of 10, I was a little more…