A Day of Silence in an Indian Politician's Life

Newspaper statements were reporting about Congress MP Rita Bahugana had been arrested for delivering inflammatory speeches and using abusive language. I was just thinking of a day when no Indian politician would be allowed to talk. Silence has always been misunderstood in a country like India and has often been mislaid in the land of its origin. National leaders are busy taking cheap potshots at one another. Narendra Modi made sexist and inane comments about Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, during the elections.

Have you ever imagined a day when the Election Commission or the President would impose a day when no politician dare open his or her mouth? Since no government of India would dare risk its tenuous hold on popularity by celebrating the day of silence. It should order a day of silence every week specially during the polling season. Can you imagine the bliss that the Indians would have for 24 hours without the mindless banter of these politicians, the flinging dung of accusation and response, the flabby and often tired spokespersons irritated by the television channels.

Silence has always been the voter's prerogative, and he has become the master of the art, honing its many nuances to brilliant effect. This is why no one really knows what the outcome of the day would be.


A New Beginning said…
Gr8 thought Akshay!!Actually thats what we need..its time for the common man to speak up:)Very Well written!!!Short and effective:)
oh yes...that would be a big relief from the non stop blah blah you hear when you switch on the tv....
Akshay said…
@ Sana: It is necessary for us to speak up and high time, the government does something concrete. This applies to the ministers in power also.

@ Pavi: Well, I couldn't agree with you more. Very well-written comment. Please be a little more regular while posting comments and send me a mail as soon as possible on akshay3019@gmail.com

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