It started on Tuesday

I was supposed to submit this post in June and here I am submitting my post in July. Honestly, I hate it, because I'm so particular and punctual in writing 'decent' blog posts about how I go about my blog content I write. I like to do things to the best of my abilities, and I am not very punctual. So as you can imagine, I did not panic much.

I'm sure by now you must be wondering how it all went so horribly wrong and delayed the post. Atleast, I hope you are, because if you are not, that makes it really difficult for this story to go on any further. It all started somewhere on a particular Tuesday. (I'm not certain, and I may have to research further, but I have a sneaking suspicion that nothing good happens on Tuesdays. Food for thought...) I'm in a position which every writer frequently finds themselves in, and no one enjoys. The time when you are struck by writer's block. The time is indeed so harrowing that you actually try to kill the block but then it just aggravates the situation.

Now you should know that writing, as a process involves a steady flow of thoughts, choosing the right locations for a story to take place, the kind of mental pictures you imagine of a character. Every single day before you start writing, it's, "Oh, where should I put this female?" or "Oh, the profession is not suiting this character!" or something. Then you begin writing and it's all "Oh, the sun is setting and I haven't even completed half of my story for today!" or "Oh, this character seems so misplaced, change the setting!" or "Oh hello, the costumes look royal when you are trying to portray her as a poor woman." The emergencies never stop, and when you are in the middle of writing a story, what happens? That's right! You get to deal with a lot of brickbats and twice as many emergencies, isn't that fun?

Believe me or not, it is not fun. For some people, it's fun. Some people enjoy high-pressure jobs, they thrive on the challenge of it. If you work in the creative fields, you better be one of them. If you are bursting with ideas and writing, it's great. It's kind of like getting a "freedom from jail" card for anything, you just say "I'm writing, let's figure out this later", and that's it. You are off the hook.

But if you are not writing, you're in deep trouble. You will have to analyse ways to kill your block and overcome the obstacles. You have to haggle around to find inspirations and then bearing the taunts of someone close who'll be praying for your rejection as a writer, and yet one has to manage a dozen problems on the phone in between trying to look for ideas. Oh, and you can't give anything less than your 100 percent to anything, because it'll show. Once again, trust me; those of us who write love it.

That's what we live for. We like tension, the adrenaline, the high stakes of the publishers and high drama. It's the stuff stories are made of. But last week was different. The stakes were higher; the drama; melodramatic!! Tensions rode high, and the adrenaline pumped incessantly. I spent last week in trying to complete this blog post since my "Ab Ke Saawan" post, which got published in June. Yes, it all started somewhere on Tuesday.


A New Beginning said…
Hey! U bet the writers block can be quite killing....with words stuck in a jam called a void, ready to spread out but in vain..even force doesnt work....but I am sure time does..with the flow of time, things change and the caravan of writing takes up the journey ones again :) Hope your caravan runs smooth as I hope the same for myself too!Keep up!Youre doin a great job..even the post on the ariters block is quite interesting!

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