Harbour Darshan

It was the day when television channels were trying to desperately rhyme their breaking news headline with two words: lifeline and pipeline.

Last week, when a bridge fell on a Kalyan bound train, Central Railway passengers cursed their fate as the rare Thane train threatened to run till Kurla and then jump over to the Harbour Line and take them to Vashi, before returning to Thane. But the happy-go-lucky Dombivli bound crowd of aunties, young bankers and others who had met each other for the first time, chose to make the most of this 100 minute journey. They volunteered to share seats and hold bags, laughed at the crowd in the First Class compartment at 7 pm, tried hard to pronounce Ghansoli and even celebrated their rare view of the ''awesome'' Vashi station.

"It looks better than an airport," the most vocal of the aunties remarked and everyone followed it up with praises for the "lighting" , "highway" and the "lack of people" . One of them, a 20- something, leaned on the window and thanked her stars, "I got to see Vashi station on my birthday. My day is made," before managing to distribute one melting chocolate bar among at least 25 strangers. There was even some discussion on a possible water crisis that would follow the pipeline burst. But the women found humour in that as well. "Thank God, it's a Saturday. If there were no water at my place on a weekday, my colleagues would have suffered," the birthday girl said and promptly giggled.


A New Beginning said…
...and life goes on :) thats the way God made things!
Nice post Akshay!Keep Up!
Margaret Cloud said…
That must of been terrible a bridge falling down on that train, hope there were not too many people hurt. Thank you for coming by and commenting, hope your week is going great.
Akshay said…
@ Samudrika: Thanks so much for giving me a thumbs up.

@ Sana: Thanks a lot and indeed life goes on.

@ Mrs. Cloud: Indeed, it was a terrible accident and since it was a water pipeline, all the water gushed into the compartments. Not many lives were lost but the motorman lost his life.

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