Movie Review: Ekantham

"Ekantham" which means Solitude is a sensitive creation based on the loneliness felt in old age, with no one to take care of. With bringing in, the two of the best performers of the present day Malayalam cinema--the late. Murali and Thilakan, to do the pivotal roles, the film tells the in-depth story of today's human relationships.

Opening with aged Achutha Menon (Thilakan) performing the last rites for his deceased wife Saraswathi, the film follows his loneliness since he has no children and no immediate relative. Being a bureaucrat, he had never taken care of his family in his village. Tired of leading a lonely life, he decides to go to his younger brother Ravunni, who lives in their native village. Ravunni too is a widower, but has a son named Viswanathan and a daughter named Chandrika, both of whom are settled in the city with their respective families. Since Ravunni is suffering from a severe ailment, his son and daughter visit him at regular intervals. Both the brothers meet after a long time, they cherish the memories of old times and are happy being together.

As Ravunni's health deteriorates further, his son and daughter decide to shift him to the city for better treatments. On the advice of his friend Captain R.K. Nair, Ravunni decides to move to the "Karunyam Pain and Palliative Care Centre", a place that provides holistic treatment.

Once at the centres, the two brothers come across a bunch of very different characters like Velayudhan (Salim Kumar), Dr. Sunny (Manoj K. Jayan), who is in charge of the centre, Dr. Sophie (Meera Vasudevan), who is working there and is deeply in love with Dr. Sunny. All the incidents in the centre is a relegation to Achutha Menon, who is also staying back with his brother. A world of uncanny human relationships opens before him, who decides to look into them in a novel way that he had never experienced before.

The highlight of the movie is M.J. Radhakrishnan's cinematography, which captures the mood and feel of the film at its best. The film has one of the best song of recent times, "Kaiyeththum doore oru kuttikaalam" soulfully rendered by Yesudas.

The film which moves in a leisurely pace may find it hard to reach the masses looking for crass entertainment. Even though the film has a good storyline, the script drags at intervals. All in all, the crew must be appreciated for creating such a meaningful film on such a sensitive subject.


A New Beginning said…
why are u on a liquid diet :( be happy eat well and excersice dont starve your self budding writer :)
sujata said…
Thats a lovely review!! felt as if I was watching the film, you said it so well.
Akshay said…
@ Sana: Yes, was not well.. getting back to normalcy

@ Sujatadi: This wasn't written by me but Divya. She's a dancer based in the US. Having been an actress herself, it was easier for her to write this.
Akshay said…
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