Space Crunch

All scientific research suggests that tempers are likely to be frayed when ten men are packed into a space meant for one. Therefore, it was no surprise that a heated argument broke out in a Vashi train when a group of newly boarded passengers tried to make their way from Wadala in and another bunch wanted to fight its way out. Matters seemed to be settling down once the train started with a jerk, but the two factions were still measuring each other up for a fight.

It was then that a timid old man squealed from under the crowd, "Each one of you try to move by just a millimetre. That will help." The whole compartment burst out laughing, and needless to say the fight was over before it began.


Manasa said…
Haha. Wise old man. He knew laughter could cure the worst of problems.
A New Beginning said…
:) we need such people, like the good old man, don't we.

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