A New Start

So, it's almost the end of February, close to two months have already passed into the new year (much quicker than I expected) and I thought it's as good as any to take stock and see how I've done with my New Year's Resolutions!

To start with, my three resolutions in order of priority were, one, have more awareness. As in just be more aware of my actions, my moods, my words, the food I ate, my body and my system. All in all, to be just more present on a conscious level. The second was to lose weight and the third was to seriously complete at least one of the projects I've been writing.

How have I fared? Well on the "awareness" front, I'm genuinely trying. I didn't think I mastered the "Power of Now" in just a few months, but I keep reminding myself to be in the prsent and be more conscious from moment to moment. This of course has its own pitfalls because this "awareness" seems to rear its head at the most inopportune moments! Like the moment when I have just stuffed another spoonful of low fat yogurt with sugar into my mouth, I can hear a voice which says, "What do you think you are doing? You know of course that this spoonful is going straight to the hips and the abdomen, don't you?" That's when I sheepishly try to drown out awareness by telling myself that I'll run extra 15 minutes on the treadmill tomorrow. (How many times haven't we all tried this?)

On the losing weight front, well I did go for a month and a half till the time I fell sick in between. Since then, I haven't got the courage to head back into the gym. Now, I just need to 'commit' to my gym schedules. Now for me, "committment" is a big scary word! I hate "committing" to anything if I know there is a remote possibility that I might abandon it before completion. I need to set a deadline. "I will lose weight before I become an adult" and I need to see it through. It needs to be done systematically and thoroughly. So, as soon as next month, I will "commit".

Writing. That's the only one that seems to be doing fine. The only problem is that it's opened up a Pandora's box! I've taken on writing more things in my enthusiasm. The blog was one of them (I'm enjoying writing it though). So, I guess one of three is not so bad and hey; there are a whole ten more months to go! (An example of the eternally timeless famous last words).

So, I hope that you will pause to take a look at how well you have been doing with your resolutions, whatever they were. To lose weight, go to the gym, read more, spend more time with family and kids. I also hope you will be honest with yourself about how far you have come and if you have slipped along the way, I hope you'll be kind to yourself and promise that you will try just a little harder! Enjoy the rest of your year.


A New Beginning said…
All the very Best to you !!:)
Zayida said…
Time seems to run faster,so no time 4 resolutions,just do it!...;)

All the best!

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