Left, right or centre?

You are full of questions in a distant land. But one question that haunts you in the first few days in a new place is 'right or left?' No, it's not about your political leanings.

It is a simple question that a cabbie might ask you once he senses that you are new to the place and wants to test his instinct by asking if he needs to turn right or left to reach your destination. You would try and say, "take the shortest possible route", confirming the taxiwallahs doubts and making his day.

My sister made an interesting observation about how to tackle this question. "When a taxiwallah in Bombay asks 'left or right', always choose the left," she advised.


A New Beginning said…
Youve given your blog a nice theme :) Yes taxi and auto walas do take advantage..but what if the left turn is the wrong one ?? lolz...hey that song from Kabuliwala is one of my favourites!
Thanks for sharing Akshay and a very happy Independence day to you!!

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