Driving Blues

A short fifteen minute drive in any direction will show an individual that if Mumbai's carriageways were better managed, half of Mumbai's flyovers would be unnecessary.

One badly/wrongly/double-parked tempo or taxi throws the brake on a whole line of fast-moving traffic. A garbage bin jutting out an angle, or a foot away from the sidewalk, instead of being flush with the kerbside, creates the same obstruction and gives trucks and cabs to use the "cordoned off" space as legitimate parking. A temporary BMC shed for repair or construction is soon joined by a snaking line of corrugated iron, which becames permanently long after the municipal gangs have moved out, leaving a pile of never-removed debris in their wake.

And now, they saw off monsoon-precarious branches of roadside trees and leave them to rot on the carriageway, creating a literal logjam. I am not even going to mention the potholes, because I have fallen into them a long while ago. How easy it would be to smoothen traffic. And how naive of us to think that this is the primary purpose of sanctioning infrastructure projects.


A New Beginning said…
thats something very valid that youve raised..I totally agree with you...may be its time for the common man to step ahead and raise his voice...things have changed thru peoples revolutions...they surely will.
Anonymous said…
liked your approach in this article..the way you word the minutest obseervation is just commendable

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