Silently, She Cried...

Ritika Narayanan

Her shuddering frame, collapsed on the chair,
Numb, disbelieving.
She couldn't bear to see that villain
The matrimonial columns, again
Nearly all that was asked for,
She had.

Beautiful girl, from cultured family,
Well educated.

She had that and more.
Her degrees, all of five years old,
Her career, the envy of her peers,
Her demure manner,
Her practical thinking,
Her compassionate heart,
All, all reduced to the background
For the one thing she lacked.

Silently, she turned to the mirror and saw
Herself in all her dusky, Indian glory.
Yet sadly, she could not answer to the foremost requirement:

Fair, beautiful girl, from cultured family
Well educated.

A last sigh let loose,
And she became herself again.


Rachna said…
Well, she does not need to concern herself with such idiots. I liked the last line that she give it a thought, and then moved ahead. Biases of all kinds exist; we need to know how to handle them.
Meera Vijayann said…
Sensitive and fluid writing. I despise the Indian obsession with fair skin.
Anonymous said…
wow.. replete with emotions despite being so simply worded..

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