The song "Nee" is certainly one of the well-composed non-film songs in recent times. The lyrics for the song have been written by Aisoorya Vijayakumar and sung by my childhood friend Jaya Vidyasagar, a talented and classically trained singer from Mumbai who has lent her voice for this song. It has been composed by Rishi S. for an independent music label called "Sonore Unison".

I imagined the song as an expression of a young girl waiting by the window as she was disillusioned and depressed since the boy whom she was in love with had moved to the city for higher studies. However, it was on a rainy morning, when her lover returned as a true gentleman from the city, it was as though the young girl almost received a new lease of life. On the joyous occasion of his arrival, she breaks into this song and sings it as tears roll down her eyes as she welcomes him back into her life. The song is a wonderful tribute to her lover's arrival back into her life.

The rough meaning of the song would read something like:

The pain residing in my eyelids ended because of you
The sprout residing in the seed has reached the sky
Did my heart spring back to life because of your arrival?
My eyes broke into sweat because of our relationship

The pain residing in these eyelids
That feel of shock, laughter and admiration with a mild tremble has ended because of you
The solitude that existed in the scattered mind stood behind a veil here.

Frozen moments moved fast
The days of depression disappeared,
The pain residing in these eyelids
The feeling of shock, laughter and admiration with a mild tremble
Partially due to joy and partially due to warmth
Has ended because of you.

Song Name: Nee
Singer: Jaya Vidyasagar
Lyrics: Aisoorya Vijayakumar
Music and Mixing: Rishi S.
Label: Sonore Unison

Illustrations: Krishna Kumar Kandi


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