"Eviday Shaanti Theerum" is a poignant music video filmed for BBC World News. It is one of the rare television commercials made by the BBC which did not get a commercial release. The video features the anguish of sailor Biju Jacob's mother who has started praying more often now since Somalian pirates attacked another merchant vessel. The music video drives home the point that most of us ultimately want the world to live in peace. The mother is asking certain questions through the jingle sung by Hamsika Iyer which goes like when will there be peace, when will a choir sing a positive song? Towards the end, the news presenter from BBC declares that many local stories have global connections. 

The next time you see this ad, spare a thought for the sailors who might be captured and held hostage by the Somalian pirates. Of course, not every story related to the pirates is picked up the media hence sailor Biju Jacob's mother might still be praying somewhere for the well-being of her son.


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