National Character

The political scene in the country today has reached a stage where it is inevitable to take sides and work on unity of the nation acquires utmost importance. There is an urgent need to develop a national character. How can national character be developed if there is no nation? We know that individuals are the target as well as the means for social and political change. To bring out basic change in society, the process begins with reformation of the individual and thereafter changing the nation is quite a viable option.

By making politics as the nucleus of change, it can bring about change in all spheres of life as it influences every aspect of life. It has the power to change and control society and individuals. It is unfortunate if those who have authority and those who rule refuse to think in the national context, if they ignore national interest, then how can we expect the common man to develop national character? The government is the root of the state and if the root is diseased, how can the tree (country) remain healthy?

The main problem confronting us today is unity of the country politically and culturally. Without this unity, the eminence of this nation is impossible. We have to restore the nation to its former glory. The disappointment and lack of confidence that the current government has brought among the people, must be removed. We must light the flame of nationalism in every citizen's heart so that if another country casts an evil eye on India's borders, citizens from across India will hold themselves responsible for failing to protect India's borders. For this, first of all, we must dethrone traitors due to whom soldiers struggle at Siachen without kerosene in winter or submarines sink for not replacing batteries leading to loss of two promising lives. India has had to face defeat for the inaction of a few. 

India needs you, she beckons you, whether you respond to her call or not, is up to you. You have to decide. Our votes have the power to write the future of this country. Please do remember that if you are not ready for change, then nothing can be done. You are the medium of change, elections and votes are just the means. If you realise that this nation's eminence is your eminence and if you are ready to sacrifice everything for the eminence of this nation, then nothing can weaken us. Ultimately, a nation's ruler depends on the ambitions, aspirations and faith of individuals of a country as they too are bound by the decisions we take. 


Anonymous said…
Cultural unity has to be with the understanding that the difference make it more beautiful but politicians have always used it to split us up and put a wedge in between. The day day we refuse to be provoked by a political ambition we will progress and hold the political class accountable for its actions. Until then we are doomed to being a nation which has lost its way.

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