Reflections of an untamed mind

I am so tired, even after twenty four hours after landing in Mumbai. I was in Guruvayur, Kerala cut off completely from technology living life for a week like an ascetic. Now that I am back, I found myself in a strange position for a writer; I have nothing to write (writer's block). I finished writing my tour diary last week. I haven't started writing anything new (except a script for an RJ in All India Radio), so I have nothing else to do.

I have spent the last one year studying non-stop, complaining about not having any free time to pursue my creative interests and suddenly, it is all over. I am free and at the same time, nervousness is building within me as I think of my results. Being a victim of academic attyachaar, I pray that I don't have to study Physics and Chemistry and don't have to wake up at 6:30 a.m. to go to school. I hate it.

As it turns out, free time doesn't seem to agree with me. I need to be more occupied and need to be doing more stuff. So, I have now dedicated to get involved with some charitable work and writing. I have been doing a lot of day-dreaming like I want to take tuitions for anyone who is interested for Rs. 100. I'm tired of commuting and it is very physically demanding. You spend the entire day running, falling, climbing, hanging, fighting or in some unfortunate cases, getting involved in a physical fight.

I'll end this here with my final thoughts: I'm happy to be back here, I'm looking forward to hearing from you. Seriously, I'll try my level best to reply back. That's it then from me. Now, do they give out 'best comeback' awards for this as well?? Please do write back at and let me know about what you thought of this post.


Krane Metal said…
You have nicely put out your feelings, state of mind. And your foremost need seems to be occupied with some good tasks so wish you for that. have a nice time.

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