Election Blues

India is warming up for another season of elections. This election season really seems to be quite colourful since there are so many layers to these general elections. The phase that India is passing through is going to be a catalyst, with the economic meltdown and the issue of terrorism scaling new heights post 26/11.

In the past few months, I have noticed that general news has just disappeared from the news channels these days. Almost every other news channel has a special agenda to grab eyeballs and almost every news channel seems to focus only on the election. Yes, I do understand that this election is an important one but it shouldn't be so much that it leads to an overdose of election mania. The mania has just lead the media go haywire with every story seeming to have a piece of sensationalism attached to it.

In the recent past, the citizens have become increasingly consciously about their duties. It is no longer only the political parties that contest the elections; it is common to see citizens doing their bit and raising their voices in ensuring that their vote counts. It is also heartening to see that the Jaago Re ads created such a huge impact. Today, it is good to learn that people seem to have realized the fact, "if politics is a dirty game, it is time to clean it up". One has seen a vast change in the attitude after the terror attack in Mumbai, with people hitting the streets and making their elected representatives answerable to them.

The small black dot can bring about the change that we want to see. I agree that my vote is as tiny as a small drop of water in a big blue ocean. The Indian youth have been gearing up for these elections like never before. Earlier with their who-cares? attitude, they would not even cross a polling booth, but now they are actively promoting every citizen's right to vote. A major "get out there and vote" campaign is on to get more and more young people to get that black dot stained on our fingers. One cannot stress enough the role of the youth in the democratic decision-making process.

The parties seemed to have understood this philosophy---most of them are fielding younger candidates and trying out newer modes of publicity to woo Young India. Young India is evidently proving to be Intelligent India. One of my cousins told me that only this generation can reform the democracy and he told me it is necessary for us to vote not for a particular party, but for an individual--irrespective of party affiliation--who is ready to work hard to prove his/her worth.

The change we all want can only come only if we change our attitude and mindset. In these elections, Young India will vote for change, because of them, it is not a concept, it is a duty to their motherland.


Krane Metal said…
I agree with your view on News Channels' shift to screening sensational news daily to grab eyeballs literally. After all they are 24x7 channels they need some Masala per day.
I do hope that youth realizes the power of Vote and uses it Right. Go ahead Indian youth Revolutionize India.

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