Ministers and Public bonded sole to sole

The worst puns in the world were playing out on the news channels over the last few days and the sole reason was Mr. Jarnail Singh, who inspired so many others to follow suit and fling shoes to show their anger against the politicians. Mr. Jarnail Singh calmly threw a sports shoes towards the Home Minister Mr. P. Chidambaram. Of course, the news channels showed the incident from every possible angle, in slow motion, with freezes and the works. Then we saw the closeups of the shoes sitting on a carpet.

The shoe-throwing incident has spurred a series of such incidents and surely has become a nationwide timepass session. After this Jarnail Singh issue, I guess everywhere there have been some people asking if you could throw shoes on whom would you throw: I would say Shahrukh Khan tops the list since he deserves one from me. I just saw one man, who threw a Kolhapuri chappal on the Deshdrohi actor and director. I am really amazed at the way the news channels failed to tap the full potential that the shoe had. Think of it closely. Are you happy with the way the news channels covered the story?

The shoe throwing incident had the potential to hold a spicy discussion programme with an SMS question being, "can you identify the shoe that Jarnail Singh threw on the Home Minister? If your answer is yes or no, please send your answer to us. Three lucky winners will get an opportunity to have their shoes autographed by Mr. Singh and one lucky winner will get an all-expenses paid dinner with him in a five star hotel."

Surely the Dainik Jagran journalist hogged more headlines than the Home Minister himself and he is the one responsible for starting off a new trend for timepass: shoe throwing. Emboldened by his instant celebrity status, we must not forget the innumerable Sikh organizations who might be offering him lots of instant cash to show their solidarity. Many of the common people have actually found the courage to fling shoes at the impotent politicians. Another man who threw a shoe at the Congress politician Navin Jindal didn't get as much as coverage the way Jarnail Singh got. It is discriminatory but what to do, ultimately election coverage is more important than such trivial issues, isn't it?

All shoe-throwers in India must be treated with equal respect. Had I been the President, I would have bestowed them with the Padma Awards. The fallout of the shoe-throwing incident was Jagdish Tytler and Sajjan Kumar were chucked out of the election madness by their respective parties. Jagdish Tytler appeared on almost every news channel blaming it on political conspiracies and also vehemently pleading his innocence.


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