Cool Things to do this summer

I hated the summer leaves too much time with too little to do and the primary reason being the hate. The worst part this year is that there are no movies to watch in the multiplexes this year which adds to the woes of kids across the country. The troubles of these kids are just bound to soar exponentially. Before I sat down to write this column, I thought long and hard to come up with some interesting things to ensure your usually boring summer break isn't so boring this time around.

Of course, a lot of these things involve going out in the stifling heat we have been passing through so I'm ready to hear a host of complaints. But then, nothing good has ever come out of sitting at home and doing nothing..well, almost nothing. How about going to the golawalla and when he finishes scraping the ice, stop him from spiking it with syrup. Take the plain cold ice and rub it all over your face. Then try spreading it across your arms and along the decorous bits. Someone is sure to start staring at this moment. Offer the suggestion to rub him/her down too. In this way, the person will laugh and walk away with a sulking face. Take the rest of the gola and drop it down his back just to feel "cool". Now, run back to the golawalla and have a gola and sherbet. Chillax!!

A mail from a prominent theatre personality Ms. Shernaz Patel set me thinking. Her unparalleled energy at the age of forty five inspired me so much. I am feeling like standing on top of a TV tower and shouting that anyone with the slightest inclination towards theatre must consider taking it up. A mention of theatre doesn't go without mentioning social activism.

The other thing I strongly believe that is one should take up is standing up for a cause. I have always believed in using the medium of social work as an instrument to do our bit for the society. Film personalities like Nandita Das, Rahul Bose or John Abraham choosing up to do social work. It is a thing that is truly commendable and it is heartening to see a prominent personality taking up the initiative of being associated with a particular cause. So whether it is a big or small cause, if you feel for something, wake up and make your voice heard and you are sure to find a few like-minded people.

The next best way to cool off is to have a water fight. Get into the bathroom and choose an end. Arm yourself with a bucket. Arm yourself with a bucket. Splash the bucket water on each other. Scream loudly. Hide a bottle of cold water picked up from the refrigerator as a sneak attack when everyone thinks the fun s over, Come out laughing and act extremely tired and lie down on the floor, turn on the fan and let yourself dry away.

Spend an evening with the special someone in the sands of the beach. Of course, you are likely to find all sorts of people including the noisy kids, the bitchy aunties, poor and old dadimaas, couple cosying up and of course, the hawkers trying to sell food to binge on.

Lastly, I suggest something that has been on my mind thanks to the innumerable times I have heard this from experts. Relish the warmth of your body. Think of it, seriously. Corpses are cold. You are not. Chill, when you realize that you are not cold but warm which means you are alive. After all, it is summer.


Krane Metal said…
The ways u suggested are a bit freaky but,enjoyable and funny for sure. The underlying humor in your talk is always great.

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