Movie Review: Kadha Parayumbol

Kadha Parayumbol sees Srinivasan at his best not only as a writer but also as an actor. The story is like the modern day adaptation of the timeless Krishna--Sudama story. In the context of the film, it is about a superstar and a barber. He is not ashamed to stick to the old world terminology of 'barber' and not the fancy words like hairstylist or beautician that have replaced the word barber.

Balan (Srinivasan) is struggling to survive in his traditional profession, as he cannot find anyone who would give himma loan to upgrade his equipment without taking a bribe. Being a principled with acerbic tongue presents its own for this middle-aged barber who has the responsibility of bringing up three school-going kids.

Staying in a sleepy village in a house that has no basic amenities makes him a subject of ridicule among his own people as well as the public in general. All this changes after a film unit lands up at the village for a shoot. It is believed that the film superstar Ashok Raj (Mammootty) is an old acquaintance of Balan. This creates a sudden new found respect for the barber. Now the same people who ridicule him fawn over him so as to get closer to the superstar. But, Balan is reluctant to go ahead and refresh his friendship with Ashok Raj fearing that the superstar may not remember their acquaintance that happened twenty five years ago. The elation and the humiliation that Balan undergoes due to this forms the rest of the story.

The script is filled with observations and nuggets about the phenomenon of superstardom and the craze for chasing celebrities and what globalization is doing to people like Balan, who live in the lower strata of the society. Srinivasan hogs the limelight as Balan. He fills the character with life which is a rarity these days. Whether it is the sagging and wrinkled face of a person heading towards his fifties or imbibing the characteristics of a barber, he gives a flawless performance. Mammootty virtually plays himself as the superstar Ashok Raj in a role that bit lengthy to be termed as a guest appearance. Meena as Balan's wife is aptly cast though she doesn't appear in every frame and doesn't have much to do.

Kadha Parayumbol is a refreshing experience for the viewers. It is much more superior than its trashy remakes. It is a neat little film and a must watch for all those who love decent films that they can watch with their families.


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