What I need is some fun

This was supposed to be my first travelogue...but I abandoned the idea because I found it childish!! I thought I was much better by travelling in buses but...trust me...travelling by trains is tougher! I am in this rude shock of boarding a local train which is nothing less than a challenge for me.

Just to explain, I have always got cold feet when I see these jam-packed crowded local trains. It doesn't necessarily mean that I hate travelling by them but I really cannot picture myself boarding or alighting from a crowded train with sufficient air to breathe. I arrived in Mulund on 24th April 2009, ten minutes prior to the arrival of my 5:22 Kalyan local. As usual, I am all alone again without the support or encouragement that I need. I pray this train is not crowded since it is a Kurla-Kalyan train. No matter how old I am, I think I will have to keep commuting all by myself. Thankfully, there was enough place for me to assimilate into the crowd and enough room to stand.

Prior to the commuting session, you will not believe the lectures I got and all the advice I was given. So after considerable introspection, the verdict I got was AKSHAY IYER needs to have some more fun. The summer's here and I've got plenty of time with me. Fun is the motto...fun is the plan! If you have any ideas, please send them across.


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