Finding the real Akshay

I'm in a haze... a daze...with a mishmash of thoughts and emotions swirling in my head. There has been so much that has been happening...good, bad, sad... that just can't seem to find a mood to set up home in even for a few hours!! So, I'm fairly certain that it will be reflected in the randomness of my of my thoughts this week, so please bear with me.

These times are hugely contradictory... they drain you physically and mentally yet those same moments give you the extra adrenalin to surge ahead. Is this making any sense? Maybe not.. but writing this seems to be making the situation a little better.

Writing, I've discovered, is therapeutic. Quite surprisingly, so is Facebook. I'm suddenly hooked. It started as a statement to be in the "cool" crowd... a quest to keep in touch with old school friends and now, I find my fingers twitching to login to Facebook and update myself anytime something interesting happens! So far, I've had a great time on Facebook and so, I'm totally convinced that Orkut is now passe and all my loyalties have now shifted to Facebook.

I'm still depressed about Ustad Ali Akbar Khan... watched the way how his demise got neglected due to Michael Jackson's demise. I cried for his family and specially for Ustad Ali Akbar Khan saab's sister Annapurna and for the fans of Hindustani classical music!! I wish I had learnt classical music in order to appreciate the finer points of music.

It's a wrap... my 14 years of exile from school life is finally over and I'm equally happy now that I have got admission in college and now, I am heading for impromptu samosa sessions. After all, these were the days I had been for over three months now. I can't wait to share the final result with you all yet I'm apprehensive and nervous. Given that I've chosen a language like Japanese and subjects like Economics, Political Science, Psychology and Logical Thinking. I sometimes end up getting cold feet wondering whether if I'll be able to cope with the syllabus... but before I reach college, a weekend holiday is desperately needed for the real Akshay Iyer!

I've heard about how Delhi is frying in the heat and I know that we are lucky to have the rains in Mumbai. But, they can be equally delightful and frustrating. This week I've enjoyed the romance of the rains and have also been stuck in the endless traffic jams caused by the excessive waterlogging that takes place when we have heavy showers! It's the dichotomy of everyday life!

Began writing a new set of short stories. It's just as much as fun writing new interesting stories. That's been my week! Until next time then, have a great weekend and keep smiling so much that the other person is compelled to smile.


A New Beginning said…
Short Stories!!!!When are you sharing them with us!!!Rainy day, samosas..sounds great!Enjoy!:)
keep the new posts coming in....i am sure college is goign to be fun...:)
the last line..was really nice....loved it!:)

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