Money Hain Toh Honey Hain!!

There has been a silent revolution happening, at least in the big cities, in the field of education. The silent revolution has brought along several changes...unfortunately, not all are good for the society. Education is fast getting out of reach of the common man. There are various boards one can now choose from SSC, ICSE to CBSE, and a few modern equivalents or supposedly better. Like all things new and trendy, so has been the trend with education.

Honestly, the new systems of education don't always mean better. Statistics show that families in India have to spend a lot more on the primary school education of their children, making the fundamental right to basic education for the poor Indian families a distant dream.

Recently, I was sitting with my sister who was working out on her monthly budget, and trying to understand how she could save money. Usually, I just warm up the chair when I am there but when my sister gave me the numbers for the school and tuition fees for her kids, I was appalled!! The amount she was paying for her two kids was probably enough to pay the monthly mortgage on a fancy Land Cruiser. I don't think that the school will consider the option of reducing the fees, on the contrary, the school's fees will only increase. So in about 15 years of education that she intended to provide to the kids, she could have moved into a super luxury apartment. I'm not exaggerating. My head was spinning on hearing the astronomical fees. I couldn't understand how the government could allow educational institutes to charge exorbitant fees?

Since when did greed become a part of the education system and just when did the field of education merge with cold calculations of business? Isn't education the basic right of every Indian? Wasn't education a part of India's effort to build a progressive and productive nation? Education doesn't just help the individual but also society on the whole. I asked my sister why she chose such an expensive school for her kids and why she couldn't send them to an ordinary aided school. She told me that ordinary aided schools just didn't have it anymore (read: not glamorous enough because it didn't have too many kids from wealthy families and the reputation of the family had to be protected).

Besides, these modern schools had better techniques of education and focussed on the overall development of a child. The school buses became a point for consideration since the parents didn't have to worry about getting their children transported to schools. While talking to her, I realized it wasn't education any more but more about social status for parents. Schools are no longer considered as temples of learning but an extension of fashion statements, like acquiring a new pair of Jimmy Choo shoes or being the ideal places to flaunt a new Prada bag. Except, this was a more expensive statement.

I understand the parental need to provide the best for their kids but this trend, especially when it comes to education, needs to be addressed and if possible, stopped. What amazes me is that when exactly did this happen? I seem to have missed it. I was in school till March and education in my school was affordable, to almost everyone. When I compare the scenario with today, it's all about the money!! Thank God, I've many more miles to cross before I become a father.
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A New Beginning said…
lol!! you seem to be quite relieved Akshay arent u, but you know what when u'd reach the stage of parenthood, matters wud get even dont be too happy..not scaring you but thtz the truth. See its not about social status, its about the quality of education, the kind of education one gets in pvt schools is quite up to the mark,teachers give in their best, new techniques are applied, therefore we can say its just sheer monopoly:( but u kw when I see kids in the govt primary schools, I see teachers enjoying the cool breeze outside and kids just creating a ruckus, its sad but true, I am not saying that it happens in every school but what I ve witnessed is definately what Ive described here.Though materialism is quite a part of public schools but it comes tagged along with good edu.
Today I am greatful to my parents that they put me into a convent, I am happy to got quality education and just hope that every kid in India gets the same.
Children are the future of a nation, they are indeed the roots that would make our country stronger, its imp to raise the standard of edu to ensure a better tomorrow.
Thaz quite a thought provoking writeup on a very imp topic.You write very well!!:) Thanks and keep up!
Akshay said…
@ A New Beginning: I was indeed very relieved. I later realized that matters would get even more tougher and after all, I can breathe in peace considering I'm just 17. Well, thank you for encouraging me more by writing such valuable comments so diligently. Your feedback does matter a lot. Please keep in touch.

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