Monsoon Masti

Mumbai was being lashed by heavy rains yesterday. I am so happy and experienced a sense of relief, thrill and pure excitement. Given that the rain Gods have been so generous, I just wish that they continue to be so generous for the next three months. I wish get I stuck somewhere while coming back from college. So here I was trying to jot down the things one can't and shouldn't miss during the rainy season:

* Having chai and samosas at a dhaba: That's the one quintessential thing that one needs to do atleast once in a year! I personally believe that the monsoons are the best time to visit a dhaba. Don't miss the conversations that take place around you when at the dhaba sipping a hot cup of chai and samosas.

* Go for a long drive: It's great if you're accompanied by someone but even if you're not, music can be best your companion. There's no need to be in a tearing slowly and enjoy the weather. In Delhi, I think The Greater Noida Expressway is a nice option whereas in Bombay, I think the Mumbai--Pune Expressway or the Bandra-Worli Sealink is a better option.

* Take your partner out on a date: It doesn't matter whether you belong to the 50s' generation or the 90s' generation. Monsoons are indeed the best time to liven up the romance. Our good old Bollywood movies bear testimony to the fact. If you've been waiting for that ideal moment to ask someone out, this it. Watch some timeless romantic Bollywood movies to spur up the mood of the place. Well, if you are looking for something more romantic, take a boat ride when there's just a slight drizzle.

* Play football or cricket: If you have a single sporty bone in your body, wear an old t-shirt and hit the open ground and start playing football. Playing football or cricket on a rainy day is always a treat. Just make sure you are prepared to accept the fact that your shirt is not going to be spotless by the time you finish your game.


A New Beginning said…
Hey thatz quite a refreshing post! You should send some rain to hardly rains here:(

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