An Ode To Friendship

It is certainly not a bright day here in Bombay--quite cloudy but the perfect time to sip on a hot cup of ginger tea and hot samosas. But no, I am not doing that today. In fact, I am sitting on the laptop writing this column. As I am getting totally getting bored of doing nothing at all for the past four months, I have only managed to keep writing and fulfil my targets that I had set for my food blog.

As many of you might know, the first Sunday of August is celebrated as Friendship's Day, but I have decided to write this considering July is almost over. Calling someone a friend is not an excuse to make them do something for your own benefit. Friendship is an excuse to be willing to give anything without the other having to ask. But one of my oldest and dearest friends was going through absolute hell and yet he refused to let me find out even a little bit about what was going wrong. He did not want me to help him out in English, because he knew that I was myself no pandit in English. He was flunking in English in almost every examination, but still, he would show me a sign saying that he was happy with whatever he got. He would rather hold my hand than take anything from it.

This was the most touching experience of my life so far. I literally cried when I found that he had passed the Board Exams with a whopping 75 out 100. You see, there are so many educated people out there, yet, so many find it hard to understand what unconditional love and eternal friendship is. Choose your friends with your brains and not your heart and then, love them whole-heartedly. Losing a friend is worse than losing a job, that's why we don't celebrate a 'happy work day' and we celebrate a meaningful 'friendship day'.

I would like to end my column with the words from one of Billy Joel's songs: Friends will be friends, when in need of love to give you care and attention, friends will be friends when your through with life, all hope is lost, hold out your hands, coz friends will be friends, right till the end."


A New Beginning said…
Beautiful as ever Akshay!Very well writtena dn really touching:)Yes friends will be friends and its sad when certain misunderstanding lead to great divides!Keep up the spirit in you! Your food blog is quite commendable with everyday easy recipies with fine backgrounds added to them!!Your efforts are much appreciated. I wish you all the best in life!
A very Happy frinedships day to you in advance:) Good luck!

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