Claim Your Birthweek

Well, I'm not shamelessly gleeful on my birthday. I am literally not denying it. In fact, no one who knows me closely would let me accept the fact, that I am the "hey-it's-my-birthday" kind of boy. Case to point: I haven't celebrated a single birthday since I was eight except for my fourteenth birthday. Instead, I celebrated my birthweek. It's true, we celebrated so much that my friends and I had to coin a term for the mass extragavanza. It was almost like a carnival or a festival, except it was a birthweek!!

Yes, I'm rather shameless, but I'm not as obnoxious as the concept of birthweek makes me sound (I hope). I love birthdays, in general, not just my own. All holidays and celebrations are wonderful, however, a birthday is the one day a year that is for you alone. It's a beautiful thing to take that time to show people what they mean to you. I often get wildly caught up in the birthdays of people close to me. I'm the type of person who likes to plan an entire day of special surprises. I hate planning parties, making cards, wrapping presents, and all those wonderful things. Everyone deserves that one really special day of ther own.

As for the birthweek, the plan did not start out like that. Last minute, I had decided to have a birthday party. But half my friends couldn't make it on the planned date, so that's when I decided to have two small parties, one week apart, rather than one large party. That's where the trouble started! With my actual birthday being right in between two parties, we started to joke about the term birthweek, wthout realising how true it was soon going to end up!!

After a fantastic party in Chembur the first Saturday, two guys I know who are professional gourmet chefs at a restaurant near my house, invited me for dinner. As a special birthday treat, a not-on-the-menu six course meal for three of my friends and me. On my actual birthday, I spent the evening with my parents and we went out for a lovely Kerala dinner.

By then, it had all become a big joke and some of my friends got into the festivity of it all with me; we spent the rest of the week doing all silly things like wearing kurta-pyjamas when we went out, eating ridiculously large, glittery cupcakes, having sleepovers when we were children and eating chocolate for breakfast. All in the name of birthweek!! Finally on Saturday, we had a huge birthday night, wreaking havoc in my tiny flat. I really must have had the best friends. It was fantastic fun and I recommend it to everyone. Claim your birthweek!!


oh...a birthday week , that sounds exciting had lots of fun rite! belated bday wishes...wishing u many more!:)
A New Beginning said…
Thats great!Belated Happy Birthday Akshay!!
Hard to believe that you are not the hey-its-my-birthday kind of boy! ;)
Had a blast, right?
Belated birthday wishes Akshay...The idea of birthweeks is interesting. :)
Btw, now u r legally an adult?
congrats! :)

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