Friends Forever

Of the countless books I have read on the evolution of man, I've observed that most of them have agreed to the fact that 'Man is a social animal' . A need for love, affialiation and affection are the primary emotions that everyone craves for. Friends are undoubtedly a major part of one's social sphere. Strange enough the large spectrum of people we call friends are again categorised, like school friends, college friends, train friends, childhood friends etc.

What amazes me is that with each relationship we get a package of emotions attached ranging from love to hate. I had some amazing friends in my world who made my life worth living. Some friends act as your strength in difficult times, some are fun to hang out with while there are some who even treat you like use-and-throw tissues. Some even worse, who are possessive about you. It is with our friends that we let ourselves loose and take the plunge to reach higher heights of freedom.

Let it be a childish attempt at a gate-crashing at a wedding or enjoying an adrenaline pumped night at the night club or just driving through the city post midnight. Our life is filled with memories which make it cherishable and appreciative. But as they say, each coin has two sides, with happiness also accompanies the pain. There are many who have lost their close friends or have been backstabbed. Some are difficult to keep a track of as years roll by.

Friendship surely doesn't need words to cement it but gestures. I am thankful to all my buddies who encouraged me to keep writing.


Friends are for life. If they aren't, then they are not friends. :)
Lovely piece...

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