Pulling our legspace

A lot of furore has been created over Mr. Shashi Tharoor's ''cattle class'' remark on Twitter. The furore created made me wonder do those strange people who usually travel in business class--but may not be travelling in this category for a while now--really think that the people who fly economy are angry by a wisecracking Minister of State with trendy sideburns calling economy class 'cattle class? The poor dearies must be so sweet--and silly--to think that us cattle classers would mind.

Heck, that's what all those people travelling in economy class call economy class: cattle class. To think that those travelling within the relatively crammed confines of an economy class ticket (and the 'cramminess' of the confines does depend on the airline one is flying) have no idea of the relative luxury of flying business class is to be downright patriotism.

Mr. Shashi Tharoor responded to a question by a certain Kanchan Gupta on his Twitter page that read, "Tell us minister, the next time you travel to Kerala, will it be cattle class?" Perhaps, being a career diplomat Mr. Tharoor should have answered, "Absolutely, I will out of solidarity with all our holy cows" instead of repeating the questioner's term, 'cattle class' . But one thing is certain. Mr. Tharoor's colleagues, if not his superiors, don't know a witticism sitting in the aisle seat and another in the window seat.

Dalits shot down Mahatma Gandhi's term, "Harijan" as they considered it too patronising--as if they needed to be taken special care of. They preferred the term 'Dalit' or 'oppressed', for themselves. So, my dear sweeties, don't fret about calling economy class 'cattle class' because that's what we call it ourselves.


It is actually sad that people can't understand a bit of humour there...really, we must hang the people who make a hue and cry about what others say!

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