Beat Seat

Rush hour travel hasn't been the same ever since the new the MRVC--Siemens local trains started rolling on city tracks. Passengers routinely grumble about the total absence of leg room between rows of seats that makes the compartment appear more packed than they actually are, poor seating alignment, and completely wrong placement of overhead fans that carry the promise of a migraine attack. Now, there is an added depressant in the already depressing trains--mounds of garbage under the ergonomically challenged seats.
I have occasionally wondered why the older, sturdier locals continue to be a lot more cleaner. Last week, the reason revealed itself in a second-class general compartment. A woman passenger who'd just boarded the train looked under every empty seat and announced, "I decide on a seat based on the amount of trash underneath. After these new trains came in, we just cannot throw our chips packets and orange peels out of the window. Unlike the older trains, the window grills in these are just too narrow here. People don't have a choice but to litter all this around." Perhaps, Mumbaikars deserve what we get.


A New Beginning said… an excuse..."give us space to litter or we'd litter inside the train.
Vishakha said…
good observation :) nice post....
Nice post!
Its one big circle I guess, what goes out finally cmes in....;)
Akshay said…
@ Vasantha: Thanks for writing in. Looking forward to reading more comments from you in future.

@ Sana: It is a classical excuse and as it is, we people do not consider a trash can very important.

@ Vishakha Didi: Thanks for writing in. It was indeed a very good observation by me. Looking forward to hearing from you more often.

@ Veena: Very well said, it is nothing but a big 360 degree circle. You just said what I was trying to tell.
Samudrika said…
I love the sarcastic humor !
Aparna said…
aren't trashbins arranged in the new trains?
Akshay said…
@ Samudrika: I am glad that you liked the sarcastic humour in this post. I hope you read the serious articles as well.

@ Aparna: The local trains in Bombay just don't have trash cans. It's a pity actually :(

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