Change for a change

It was so terribly hot and I started feeling like I am in a huge sauna. Thankfully, it rained and today I am feeling cold. Since none of my clothes are dry, I have had to manage wearing a flimsy white vest. Fed up of studying I turn to the Internet to update my blog and then head to the living room to catch up on the developing stories. Breaking news is that Andhra Pradesh and neighbouring Karnataka are reeling through flash floods and it's expected to get worse. Worried, I head out to the window to soak in some cool air and sip a hot cup of tea. Oh my God, I just cannot believe what I just saw.

A huge wave---40 feet, no 5o feet, God no, it's at least 60 feet--is coming straight at me. I run out of the room, down the passage, out of the door, but it's too late. The wave pounds me, I'm drowning, gasping for air.. I wake up shivering. I look around and sigh with relief! It was just a Godforsaken dream! But it felt so real, I run towards the window to double check. Phew! It's a lovely day outside; birds chirping; raindrops falling gently on the windowpanes, grey skies and cool winds signal life. Still shaken from the dream, I head out to my coffee machine, only to be greeted by friend, who notices my petrified look. "Are you alright? You look all shaken up!" I sigh and tell him about my dream. I also tell him that the last three times I've dreamt about something it's come true--food prices rising, failing in exams and even falling on hard times.

Looking at me straight in the eye, my friend pronounced, "Well, I'm afraid that you're right this time as well. I mean look at the world around you. We have tampered with nature for far too long, it's payback time soon. Another 15 years, and your dream will be a reality. Maybe sooner, if we don't salvage whatever is still left. The forests are diminishing, animals and corals dying, droughts, floods, erratic weather conditions--but do we really care? There is enough for man's needs Akshay, unfortunately not enough for his greed."

I felt inspired after listening to his words and rush to finish a few pending chores. I have to do bit in my protecting the world from extinction. Surely, we need to protect it jointly and when I asked my friend on how to protect the world. "Well, firstly begin by switching off your television when not in use and switch it off from the main switch in the night," smirked my friend. Embarrassed, I quickly rushed for the remote. "Before you change the world, change yourself Akshay. Start with your own life. Begin with small little changes in your life. Switch off the lights and fans when you're not in the room. Don't let your car idle especially when you're stuck at traffic signals, turn off the tap while brushing your teeth, don't leave the computer in hibernate or sleep modes, stop using plastic bags, avoid keeping your phone on vibrate mode, use energy saving bulbs. On Saturday night, switch off the power supply for an hour--and you could still reverse the damage."

His words resound in my head as I head back home. I take an auto-rickshaw and ask him politely to switch off the engine while I wait for the traffic signal to turn green. To my right, I observed a mother rushing her child to the school bus, stuffing his bag with a tiffin box. I could not help but think, "It's great how parents can give their children everything they can--education, luxuries, toys and pleasures. But are they giving them a planet that has a future?" I turned to the left, and I could spot a car letting out the toxic smoke. I am angered and ready for a confrontation, but then I realise that it's something that everyone needs to be aware about.

Before I step out to change the world, we have to change ourselves. Change, so that my world, does not turn into a nightmare!!


A New Beginning said…
Very true,before the nightmare changes into reality, something needs to be done! A very thought provoking writeup Akshay, Keep Up!
sujata said…
beautiful thoughts wowven in free flowing words, and a great message. An ideal post. keep it up!!
Samudrika said…
Awesome !.. life altering..!
Superb Akshay! This was the post I was waiting for, from you. Loved it! :)
You sound a lot like my sis. She keeps telling me to save energy in every way possible. Wise thoughts there. Keep up the good work! :)
me_unplugged said…
nice and thought provoking blog.loved it to core

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