It's you who matters

For as far back as I can remember, my parents inculcated the fact that there is no substitute for hardwork and it's something that I tried to bring to everything that I have done. But.... I realised very early on in my life, hardwork does not necessarily guarantee recognition and appreciation. Which is why, I am so nervous before writing everything over here and any other activity I am a part of.

In the week before my results, I am always breathless with anticipation about the response my marks will evoke from my parents and my performance in the exams. When feedback starts pouring in the form of criticism and positive responses, it can be euphoric or heartbreaking. Well because I have been blessed and I am fortunate enough, especially over the past week, to have been flooded by warm, loving and appreciative mails for raising my voice against corruption in a debate. I must add that I am humbled and overjoyed at the same time.

Enriched and much more with the outpouring messages on Facebook and mails and a dedicated set of girls who pinpoint flaws and mistakes and at the same time, appreciate my effort in writing. There is nothing more gratifying than knowing your work has been appreciated and that you have found a connect with a sizeable number of people from across geographies!

This was further reiterated last week when I stood on the stage to win the ''Most Promising Writer'' award. It was very, very humbling to be standing there with this wonderful award in my hand knowing that the reason I was there, was because of a few teachers who happened to read a short story of mine that I had written. In many ways, I am because of the support of my teachers and friends...

So today, I want to thank all my teachers and of course, my friends, without whom I am incomplete. Each one of you who would be reading my write-up. Thank you so much for taking out the effort to connect with me by reading each post and for encouraging me to write better and to keep doing what I am doing with your feedback and criticisms. I may not be able to respond to everyone, but I assure you that each comment, e-mail, letter, message is important to me.

I am working on a new idea of writing a novel about a falling film star desperately trying to make a comeback. I am also working on a strategy with which I can connect with everyone of you on a more regular, one-to-one basis. So, I am requesting you to please send me a mail on, so that I can respond to each one of you. Until then, please don't stop connecting with me. I look forward for your feedback...whether if it is praise or critique. What matters to me.... is that it's real.


Anonymous said…
Eagerly looking forward for a new novel by you.Good luck.Keep it up and the award is well deserved.

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