Who Needs Bandstand when you have BEST?

It will take a while before the moral police get to this, but it turns out on rainy days, there is a greater dearth of places for idle youth of Mumbai to hang out. Some days ago, four twenty something boys were seen chit-chatting in an empty BEST bus as it stood parked at the bus depot. When the bus finally started, the youth promptly got off---and then got on to the next empty bus waiting to take off.

Considering that most buses in the city of Mumbai enjoy an average of 20 minutes parking time before they are ready to hit the roads once again, these youngsters have a good thing going. It's free, it's clean, and there's no police snooping around. Now, what if all those displaced from the seafronts of Mumbai knew this....


A New Beginning said…
Hmm thats interesting...bus ride has its own pleasure and demerits too :(
Interesting joint eh?
The moral police have not noticed it because it does not involve the slum dwellers. If they were the ones idlign time in the buses, every one would have taken note.

Blame it on the times we live in....
as long as the hang out is not causing anyone trouble ,i think we can afford to let them go on..
by the way have u ever tried it?;)
Akshay said…
@ Sana: Indeed, bus rides do have their demerits.

@ Veena: I hope you liked the chronicle. The moral police are indeed a curse for any society that is progressing. Indeed, it is the sorry state of the times we live in.

@ Anusha: It does not cause much trouble, except that the public feels a little upset about it. I haven't tried it so far.

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