Remember, Not To Forget

Do you need more words reminding you yet again of 26/11? Hasn't enough been said? YES, I think you do and NO because I don't think enough has been said. Because, in this situation, I realise that it is extremely important to remember.. to never forget the courage and the sacrifice of our martyrs. It is this fact that alone that gave me the courage to pen down my thoughts today a year later.

The events of 26/11 and its after effects have been on my mind for weeks now, brought to the surface by varied comments and conversations and of course the media reporting. I was hesitant, unsure.. what right did I have to share my opinion and thoughts about the tragedy? I was just a mute spectator to the terror that unfolded across my city. I did remember.. I never forgot.. the impact it had on us.

I also realised that as a citizen of India and of Mumbai, it was also my responsibility to keep the memory alive... to remind us of the lessons we learnt over those fateful sixty hours but now have suddenly faded. For me, one of our biggest victories in those trying times was the fact that we stood together. We came together as a nation, setting aside factors such as religion, caste, language, age, strata and uniting the fierce condemnation of this heinous crime. It's time to remember that once again, because we are allowing motivated parties to divide us along caste, religion and the like. We cannot allow that. We must stand together.

What I also found most inspiring at that time was the collective voice of the youth of the country. Again, we came together... strong, loud, clear and committed. We stated our intent--we have a voice, we will be heard and we will participate in getting us through this situation. It was a strong message we sent to the world. It's time to remember that once again, because over the past year, that voice has been muted... our commitment to participating in the change has ebbed. It's time to rise again... lead the charge... lend support... make a change!

There were many other issues that came to light post this situation... and one year down the line there is still so much left untouched or incomplete. We shouldn't wait for an anniversary of an event to wake us up. 26/11 was deliberately brutal and we can't ever forget that. It is time we look ahead... to find ways where we can get involved individually and help bring focus and change. We will always remember those who lost their lives... we will never forget. But now, we need to show that they did not lose their lives in vain and in honour of their memory, the time has come for us to find ways to ensure that it never happens again!

I really want to know what you are thinking. What do you think we need to do as a nation? As citizens of this amazing country, what are the solutions we can provide? How can we participate in the process? Send me your thoughts on . The bottom line... we have to participate in any change we want to effect... we have to remember... to never forget.


Antarman said…
we dont need an anniversary, rather remain alert 24x7.

what we can do is...

weed out corruption, as none of the terrorism work without the connivance of some officers involved.
as a citizen we can atleast be hones, and dont socialise with the people who are known to be corrupt.

be aware of our surroundings, neighbours.
A New Beginning said…
That attack left a deep mark on the psyche of every Indian...I agree with antarman, we do have to take a step forward!
My thoughts are almost a reflection of yours. At times, even I wonder if I am eligible to speak about it...since I am just a mute spectator...
What we can do is...never adopt corrupt ways or encourage it in any way.....we must remain alert, discharge OUR duties properly first before pointing accusing fingers at others...

Good post :)
Akshay said…
@ Antarman: Very well-said. I second your opinion on this issue.

@ Sana: Indeed.

@ Veena: I am glad that you thought about the fact that my thoughts were reflections of yours. It wasn't intentional though :o .

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