Fare Game

Mumbai's cabbies are an institution unto themselves is a well-known fact. Sometimes their reasoning seems rooted in some parallel universe whose logic defies mere human understanding. Recently, when a friend alighted from the cab, a driver asked for Rs. 98. She happened to have a tariff card in her purse and pointed out that she owed only Rs. 89. Bristled with indignation at the implication that he had tried to rip her off, the cabbie said, "Madam, if I really wanted to cheat, why would I jack up the fare by only eight rupees? I would have asked for a thousand!"

Since my friend was in a hurry, she paid him Rs. 90 and desisted from pointing out two flaws in his argument. One, the argument was nine rupees, not eight and two, a cabbie would need exceptional luck to score that one-in-ten-million chance of finding a passenger foolish enough to cough up Rs. 1000 for a 10 kilometre ride. The cabbie failed to convince my friend that he had made a genuine mistake, but he did provide some unintended entertainment.


A New Beginning said…
Yup Mumbai cabbies and Deklhi auto walas!!!
And nice title..very creative...:)
Some cabbies, autowalas, are a real pain!
Antarman said…
mumbai cabbies are still better, see the ones at Chennai....
Akshay said…
@ Sana: Is it? I never knew the Delhi autowallahs were worse than Mumbai cabbies. Please send something funny if you can.

@ Veena: Indeed, some of them are. In Mumbai's case, most of them are a pain. Thanks for your suggestion about the title also.

@ Antarman: The last time I visited Madras was somewhere in 1996 at a time when Pallavan buses and metre gauge trains still existed in Madras. I never knew the ones in Madras were worse than their counterparts in Delhi and Bombay.
Yayathy said…
Thats really an entertainment when we think about it later.


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