Disco at the signal

Being a cop must be the toughest--and the most boring--job on New Year's eve. While the world parties, you're stuck on the side of a busy road, checking for drunk drivers. On Thursday evening, the city's cops made their job a bit more fun by converting their check posts into roadside discos. At the post under the Byculla bridge, ''Happy New Year, Don't Drink and Drive'' was spelt out in flashing lights.

At the crossing very close to Famous Studios in Mahalakshmi, a fuchsia banner splashed the same message in funky alphabets. The policemen marched about, swinging their incandescent batons that looked like strobe lights criss-crossing a dance floor. The only thing they didn't do was break into a jig in the middle of the road.


after all they too shud enjoy....:)
A New Beginning said…
ha ha!that's great!
Well I wish they had! :D
Hats off to the cops for making the most of the time they had! ;)
at least the weather was friendly, unlike in europe, USA. My heart has gone out to valets who wait outside buildings in the biting winter.

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