Racism on tracks

My cousin was recently a witness to prejudice on the city's lifeline (read: the commuter trains), twice in a single week. Unaware of the compartments on trains, some obviously poor and illiterate rural families accidentally entered the first-class compartment on the western line, only to receive disgusted looks from passersby. Many of them were quickly shooed away.

Cut to the next day in a second class ladies compartment on the harbour line. A group of four Germans--three women and a man--boarded the compartment from Mumbai CST at about 10 pm. They were greeted with a wide smile. To top it, the man was allowed to stay on after the quartet pleaded that the general compartment was too crowded.


A New Beginning said…
Bad..yes our mentality works that way..and we are the ones who used to blame the british for such acts in pre independent India. Think its time to bring change...it can only happen if our generation works towards it.

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