The Supreme Irony of Life

It is a paradox of life... bittersweet moments that take you to the highs of pure joy and then plunge you quite immediately into heart-wrenching sadness. I found myself in this impossibly contradictory situation over the past few days.

First came the high... one of those ''pinch-me-I'm-dreaming'' moments when I was selected for a play that is to be performed later in the next month. I was stunned and paralysed when I was told that I had bagged the lead role in the play. A call from a friend and an assurance from a professor opened the floodgates. They were full of pride, praise and love.. ecstatic for me, and I could feel it so strongly through the phone calls I received. I was so happy that I was able to make my parents feel proud and happy... to hear the praise and pride in their voice, because if it wasn't for them, I wouldn't have any of the success I enjoy today. I was glad that I could give them something in return that went beyond academics.

These two amazing human beings gave up so much and put their lives on hold to make up for the absence of a father. They managed to create a very stable life for me with strong values and a stable home base in Bombay and over the years they have stood beside me and behind me as I pursued different hobbies like writing, photography. Sitting in the canteen that day, I realised that I needed to pause and acknowledge their love and the sacrifices they have made for me. I needed to articulate all that I was feeling. I didn't want to leave it unsaid. I didn't get much time for myself as I was talking to innumerable people as I was flooded with congratulatory phone calls and messages. It was truly wonderful to share something so special with people who mean the most to us!

And then came the bad news... My grandmother left for Guruvayur in Kerala. Being so attached to her and she being so far away from home and the very thought of coming back to an empty house, I was suddenly lost. My grandmother personified the word "homemaker" in the literal sense. She has been with me throughout since childhood and the support she has given me has been tremendous. I am so blessed to have her in my life and also to have had the opportunity to grow as a person.

Family is something we take for granted. But every once in a while, you need to make the time to tell them and also show them how much their love and support means to you and to find ways to reciprocate. There is nothing more important and meaningful than doing this simple task.


Manasa said…
Hey... Congratulations on the play! I can see all the happiness in your post too. So what play is this? I like theatre too, but unfortunately I'm a really bad actor :|

Your grandma is going to come back, isn't she?
Parasmani said…

We get caught up in our lives and sometimes it is the life that our parents had envisioned for us, but it leaves us little time to spend with them.
Make time to tell them how much you appreciate them. Just being around them, one picks up valuable lessons, tips and stories about the era gone by.

Cherish those precious people and the precious moments!
A New Beginning said…
Congrats Akshay have a great life ahead!!:)
Akshay said…
Manasa: Thanks a lot for your wishes. This is Mahesh Dattani's "Tara". I too like theatre but I'm a really bad actor.

Paras Didi: Thank you for your wishes. Surely, family is something we take something for granted most of the times.

Sana: Thanks a lot. Your wishes do matter a lot.
Congrats for bagging that role Akshay! I am sure you will do great :)

And the part about showing our love and appreciation for all our loved ones have done...nothing makes more sense than that. You. :)

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