For one more day...

Sunsets have always made me pensive; and the further I am away from home (I'm in the USA at the moment) the more potent and overpowering is their effect on my mood, my thoughts and very recently my words--ever since I've taken up the initiative of writing this column. There are people I know who romanticize sunsets and turn them into lovers, in whose arms they can spend the beginning of darkness; there are yet others, who term sunsets as one of the most beautiful sights nature bestows upon us. Yes! Beautiful, they sure are! But, it cannot be denied that sunsets are Mother Nature's very own double-edged swords.

Every sunset, for instance, is a glaring reminder of things that come to an end. One day less to work harder to achieve my dreams, one day less to enjoy the excitement of a new city, one day less to devour good food, one day less to hear a loved one saying, "I love you" to me, one day less in the game of life.

On the contrary, sunsets help you forget the day's pains and start anew --for sunsets are the bearers of eternal hope! It is interesting how everything we do during the day transforms itsel into a memory and how strange it is that with the rising sun, memories resurface. But for me, it is always the sun disappearing into the horizon that makes me remember things. It is always at sunset that I find myself connecting with myself. A sunset triggers in me a memory that either makes me smile wistfully or evokes sheer nostalgia. It makes me tell myself, "If only for a day..." and depending on whether it is a memory of something good or bad, I feel the desire to relive that day again and undo what I did wrong.

Sunsets make me feel responsible for the past that shaped my present and my present that is sculpting my future. I remember as a little girl, my mother would often tell me to make wish upon the setting sun. Wishes made upon the setting sun come true, it is said. So today, as I look at the setting sun from my window, I think of all the things that I wish to be and my eyes will close on that thought... I smile... I wish... I wish upon a wish-bearer--the fading sun--that at this minute will be observed by millions of people, but at the same time is giving me my very own moment of peace, love and hope or tomorrow.


sevengoodmen said…
A perfectly crafted allegory.....of the relationship between time and man or how man spneds it....that is the reflections man has or should have at the end of the day....viz a viz the dusk or the sunset....very poetic.....keep writing.

cheers from sevengoodmen
Anonymous said…'s beautifully penned down..m sure Wordsworth wud hv been proud on seeing his modern counterpart..good job..relished ur post a lot....!!
Akshay said…
You defined sunsets so beautifully. I feel you can be pensive and philosophical at times. Sunset does not always end on a pessimistic note. A sunset may remind you of the day's failures so that you can begin the new day with a new vigour and energy, so that you do not repeat your mistakes again. Life may end one day to start anew once again to satisfy your unfulfilled desires and wishes unless you attain salvation and divinity.

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