The God of Small Things

There's a huge smile on my lips and a twinkle in my eyes that just refuses to fade away. The reason--bumping into long-lost friends!! Just a few days ago, I ended up meeting my college friends and this time, I met my school buddies, my partners-in-crime in all those endless pranks and full on masti moments. All those gossip sessions, heart-to-heart talks and even the bitter arguments--every little bit resurfaced and it was a deeply fulfilling rehashing of memories. Those hours spent in their company gave me such immense happiness and such a crazy burst of excited energy that even my dance crew members were amazed at how totall contagious my joie-de-vivre was!

It got me thinking: If one such incident can have such a momentous, such a mammoth effect on my mood and my demeanour, there's got to be so many other moments that I don't necessarily pay attention to and take for granted. So today I am going to list out all those small and little and big and bigger things that make me go "Whoopee!!"

* My parents: If God truly sends his angels on earth to look after us, He definitely sends them as parents. My parents are my ultimate mood-enhancers. Being with them and spending time with them is such a beautiful feeling, especially when I have had a rough day! Watching them dance together to their favourite retro music. They simply keep my belief in love going!

* Getting asked out for the first time by my husband Sudhir, who has been crushing on with me for a long time. (More on this another time :-))

* Going shopping with my friends for my very first branded outfit and denim jeans. I can never forget that day. The noise, the banter, the girly giggles and the incessant trying on of clothes and jeans accompanied by a steady flow of hilarious comments is very high up on my happiness list.

* Since I am talking about my friends, an all-night chat session and secret-exchanging makes me happy like nothing else can. Especially now, since these opportunities are few and far in between what with my crazy dance rehearsals and show schedules.

* Playing my favourite music loudly and dancing alone all over the house. Yes, I do that quite often! :).

* Giving up music to pursue dance was one of my biggest regrets in life. Hence, I try to sing aloud no matter what I sound like! Throw caution to the winds--this is super therapeutic! Hehe.. :D.

* My mom-daughter chat sessions, especially when Amma is cooking and I'm literally dying to dip a finger in whatever she's making (she's a fantastic cook by the way, her avial and thoran will vouch for it!). I end up feeding myself far too much.

* Marathon movie watching days, with my favourite movies from Bollywood like DDLJ, Salaam-E-Ishq, Kuch Kuch Hota Hain and Hollywood favourites like Notting Hill, Love Actually, First 50 Dates, The Notebook, Holiday etc... you get the gist!

* Hearing my choreographer say, "Now that was a great pose!!". Cheering along with the crowd while supporting my favourite baseball and soccer teams. It's a different high altogether and an instant burst of positivity.

This list could go on and on... Now that I'm thinking hard there really are way too many things that make me just not just plain happy but ecstatic! Now, I want you to make your own list and smile while you do your thinking. It's not necessary to send them to me, but still, if you want to, please send them to . And yes, remember always... If you're happy and you know it--CLAP YOUR HANDS!!


A New Beginning said…
Beautiful post Divya!Keep up!
Anonymous said…
Amazing.....!!.....The simplest things ar so often the best and the truest..same hold s tru efor this post as well :p

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