Puzzle of Life

As a child, I loved puzzles. For me, they stood for challenges and mystery--the greater the number of pieces, the more it would egg me on to complete it. I was out to prove to everyone, including myself, that I had what it takes to piece things together. Then came baseball that made me believe in being a team player that again is based on the premise of being part of the glue that binds the team together and is responsible for the final success.

I believe that I can still do so, not just with puzzles and football but also with life. However, with the tide of life, the dynamics of my puzzles and games often change. Every time a few pieces would remain for me to complete my jigsaw puzzle, strong currents seem to sway them in various directions. I am often so close to completing it but I am forced to start it all over again. So, I say to myself--OK, here goes... I'll try again. Slowly and steadily I work towards piecing the various facets of my life together, but this time with a different glue--one that sticks to everything I stand for, believe and hope to achieve. The glue is a mixture of my beliefs and convictions--to be honest in my efforts, self confidence and the faith that someone up there is watching out for me.

When I went to audition for Kalyana Sowgandhikam, I was among hundreds of girls who thought they fit the role of Athira probably as much as I did. All I knew then was that I will give this my best shot and leave the rest to God. After six months when I got a call back from Vinayan sir confirming my role, it made me feel that the team saw not just my fit with the character but also my belief and conviction that stood out to help me piece such a fantastic episode of my life together. Having acted in teeny-weeny roles earlier as a child artist, I had to leave or rather down slow down my dance and education to be Athira as almost a newcomer in the Malayalam film industry, which was the point where I had to start all over again.

So now while I sit on my couch reading the newspaper, I often recall that scene from Guru where Abhishek Bachchan stands tall amidst the hustle-bustle that surrounds him with his courage of conviction and belief in himself. It reiterates one basic premise--it is indeed our strengths and confidence that help put together the pieces of our life's puzzle. What do you think? Let me know on reflectionsofpassions@gmail.com


Akshay said…
I beg to disagree with you on this matter Divya! I don't think life is a puzzle. It is we who puzzle our lives with our activities and work. If we do the work in the right direction, life turns out to be very simple. We just love to complicate our lives due to the obsession to solve puzzles.

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