First Crushes

"Why don't you be my girlfriend?
I'll treat you good
I know you hear your friends when they say
You should coz if you were my girlfriend
I'd be your shining star
The one who'll show you where you are
Girl, you should be my girlfriend."

Sighh! I am getting nostalgic while listening to the N*Sync sing this song. The words have instantly transported me to a time when I was four feet tall, five years of age and an absolute brat. As cliched as it might sound, my first crush happened in the community park and it literally crushed me! Yes, community park! He ran for the same swing on which I had set my eyes on, tackled me to the ground and sat on me! Even though his face is a mere wisp of a memory now, it was a true-blue crushworthy moment for me!

From that day on, we would routinely fight and bruise each other! I don't think I've looked forward to anything more than going to the park and getting beaten up by that little rascal! At the age of 10, I was a little more civilized and crushing on a boy took on other forms that didn't include getting my long hair pulled and getting my arms pinched. It meant doing someone's homework and letting him win in a football match.

At the age of 13, boys began to gain a wee bit of personality and feelings began to get a little more complicated. Butterflies in the stomach were a natural 24/7 state and notebooks were scribbled with heart doodles and the legendary FLAME game. The phone was the best invention for me at that time and I'm blushing pink and laughing hard as I recollect the insane number of prank calls me and my friends made to all the cute guys in our school.

But of course, I was the recipient of tonnes of calls too! I vividly remember this one boy called me up on my landline. When I answered the phone, he promptly proceeded to sing "Quit playing games with my heart". What more can I say? I was flattered to the point of letting him tunelessly sing the whole song for me!

Then came the sweet 16! At 16, crushes are as important as food, water, clothes and the air you breathe. Sleepless nights, furtive glances and dressing up right just so you bump into your crush by chance! What a heady feeling! What a rush! At 16, you're seeing the world with those rose-tinted glasses. At 16, boys begin to notice that the girl is beautiful and their eyes meet yours for a minute longer than is actually necessary. Coffee shops become your second home. This was the time when I got two really amazing gifts from my crush--my first bouquet of red roses and an audiotape of my favourite songs!

At 20, you are on top of the world. You are confident, ambitious, desirable and likable. You are capable of saying, "Oh! I like him because he likes the same movies that I do and I can talk to him all night long!" instead of just giggling and confessing, "I like him because he's cute!" At 20, crushes take form and have the potential to transform into love. And when love comes around, it knocks you down! :).


A New Beginning said…
Hey Divya is love knocking at your door :) I can see you blusing thru your post ;)
Thats a very cute post..keep up!!
Akshay said…
Yes, it is little funny as well as special that we go through such days. I totally agree with you. Yes, I agree with Sana that you are blushing even while writing it. Cute one though :D.
Divya said…
@ Sana: Thank you so much for writing in. I'm not in love. I'm already married and yes, I was blushing while writing this. Thanks a lot for your good wishes.

@ Akshay: Yes. I was blushing while recounting such incidents. Thanks a lot.

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