The Truth Shall Set You Free

I was very embarrassed when my cousin told me about a community on Facebook which read, "A lion would never cheat his wife, but a Tiger Wood". I was deeply offended by this name. His marriage has duly been scrutinized by the media, his intentions have been weighed and his apology dissected from left, right and centre. As the world awaited to see whether the second longest sabbatical from golf in his career will affect his game, I was just as eager to see the public reaction when he returns to the turf.

Is everyone going to be forgiving and happy to see the face of golf back? As I watched him being an interview two weeks back, in a no holds bar interview, he appeared contrite, sorry and extremely honest. I think what I saw on his face was a sign of relief. The truth was finally all out there. There was no fear of being judged by the world anymore. It was almost as though the truth had set him free.

It happens to most of us, especially dancers like me who are in the limelight. I believe that we do have a public image that once built must be protected at all costs. But what is that image? Is it truly who we are? Are we brave enough ourselves? All our faults laid bare, all our vulnerabilities being splashed in the newspapers as though it's entertainment. I understand that we are role models and therefore, we do have a certain responsibility to fulfil by doing the right thing. But we are also human at the end of the day and human beings err and in the event of that, we have a duty to be honest to the public at large. That was precisely what I saw on Tiger Wood's face during his interview.

Maybe, he was told what cards to play but they sure were the right cards! It takes a lot of courage to be honest, but once you do, it creates within you a calm, because you know that nothing can haunt you. It liberates you! I haven't had the opportunity to meet Tiger Woods but going by whatever I have read about him in the newspapers, he comes across as a shy, well-spoken man who was very attached to his parents and was extremely courteous. Yes, I still root for him. I hope he sorts his life and does the right thing for his family. I hope he can find peace and stability in his life and I hope he goes back to being the amazing golfer that he is, because frankly, golf hasn't been the same without Woods.

Hope you have a great weekend ahead and I leave it at this point with the hope that you will read my next column and I pray that the truth will set you free!


A New Beginning said…
yes everyone needs a second chance...hope he's lernt from his experience..
Mr.ClAiRvOyAnT said…
Once again proves that 'honesty is the best policy'. As you have mentioned, there won't be any stress in the person's mind if he/she is honest. Good post.

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