Sister's Day Out...

With Raksha Bandhan coming up, I thought the most natural topic for this week would be my young cousin sister Nikita Subramani! Nikita and I are seven years apart and though we don't live in the city we are perhaps even closer now that she is occupied with her studies and other things.

To begin with, we have never been very close since we meet each other annually. I'd like to believe that fate brought us closer. I remember as kids we used to fight over such silly and worthless issues like Bombay v/s Bangalore. Typically, we would meet whenever there were outings or family functions and I would make sure that I pampered and troubled her thoroughly and her group of friends!

Eventually, we started growing more and more distant but it was Nikita who first took the initiative of calling me up every weekend. She has always been a great sister and a huge support structure to fall back on. I have always been exacting and have high standards that I judge myself and it's Nikita who always steps in and told me to "just be". Her biggest complaint is that I'm too harsh on myself! Point accepted.

As kids, we were particularly fascinated with this song "So Ja Chanda" from Mission Kashmir. I was mainly fascinated by the singer and she because of the lullaby-like melodyIt still makes me smile with the innocence she used to come and ask me to play the song on the tape-recorder so that she could fall asleep as she was the younger one. I still remember the smile on her face which used to reflect on her face as a baby.

There are two passions we indulge together, the first love being our craze for samosas and chocolates. We both run like kids when it comes to samosas and chocolates whenever we get an opportunity. All things said and done, there's nothing as amazing as having a sister although we're not the best examples of siblings. I'm proud to have Nikita as my sister :).

P.S.: The girl in question is my cousin sister Nikita :)


That was really, really sweet. You are lucky to have cousin sister like that. Happy rakshabandhan to you! :)
The Holy Lama said…
We all have favourite cousins.They mean a lot much more.:)
A New Beginning said…
So sure are blessed Akshay :)

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