The word "inspiration" evokes so many definitions. There is inspiration to be absorbed from every individual. May it be from the way they carry themselves to the way they speak to the way they lead their lives. Some people lead very carefree, laid-back lives and some have an almost "to-hell-with-the-devil" approach to life. They face problems as they come, never stress and smile even in the face of adversity. It is an amazing trait in my opinion to see people emanating a positive side even in difficult times. Some people push their luck to the best possible limit, burn the midnight oil and personify the basic essence of "hard work".

One such story that never fails to amaze me is by the leaps and bounds of Sudha Chandran. The much-acclaimed dancer who later became an accomplished actress who had not just a humble beginning, but a very tragic one. At the age of fourteen, when most of us were riding cycles or daydreaming of making our parents proud, Sudha lost her leg. Picking up the pieces of her life as much as she could, she plunged on and battled it out with every living day and nightmarish night. She definitely isn't the type to lose hope and remained steadfast in her capabilities as a survivor, Sudha took life by the horns and swung it around.

Sudha resumed her career as a dancer after she got her a prosthetic foot which was highly appreciated. You can call it luck, but to have got to the point where she actually collided headfirst with luck was her own doing. She stood by her beliefs, most essentially her belief in herself and she had it in her to make a point to the world. Her story of willpower went on to inspire a Telugu movie by the name "Mayuri".

Now with almost half of a decade of emotionally connecting with not just Indians but all of the film industry, Sudha Chandran is a force to reckon with. She's the ideal woman--capable, inspiring, strong, morally sound and above everything else--an icon, a role model. Her work ethics which border obsessively on a virtuous and truthful establishment is something that we can seek to instill in our daily lives. Fame and luck are transitory. What you do to stay up there, is the real story, the grit in the grime and the one factor that will take you a cut above the rest.

Rose-tinted glasses are a thing of the past! Take them off and look into the sunshine! I have multiple role models--people whom I look up to and they are not the same person. Look for people who inspire you and if you cannot connect with anyone, look within. Your own strength and your own abilities are inspiration enough!


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