Decoding the Radia tapes and other leaks

Are you confused with the hullaballoo surrounding the recent Niira Radia affair? To help you meet this challenge of our times, my activity partners prepared a few questions. Pick your answers from the multiple choices on offer and SMS them to Wikipedia. (Yes, it's bound to leak to the most important people you want to reach).

1): Who is a lobbyist?
a: She/he is a PR person
b: What's a PR person?
c: Ask Niira Radia.

2): Why does Niira spell her name with two "I"s?
a: She is superstitious
b: She is obsessed with I
c: She cannot spell

3): Why did Niira come to India?
a: To star in a film made by A. Raja titled "Radia--The Fearless"
b: To see the Taj by torchlight
c: To learn making phone calls in Tamil

4): What are Niira's hobbies?
a: Embroidery--of facts and things
b: Collecting stamps--and VIPs
c: Golf--thinking her phones can't be tapped outdoor

5): What do we know about A. Raja?
a: He is not a Raja
b: He doesn't want to be a Raja
c: He wants to be a Maharaja

6): What does 2G provide?
a: 1.1 lakh crores
b: Improved tonal quality of unwanted calls
c: A lot more than 1G

7): What are 2G and 3G?
a: Generations in the Nehru--Gandhi dynasty
b: Codes for secret Swiss bank lockers
c: 4.4 and 6.2 megahertz along with a multi-spectral continuum

8): Why do we have all these GSM, CDMA, G2, G3?
a: So that the argumentative Indian can argue in alphabets
b: To give Ratan Tata, Mukesh Ambani, Anil Ambani, Rajeev Chandrashekhar and Niira Radia something to do.
c: DKDC (Don't know, don't care)

9): What will happen to Niira now?
a: She'll communicate through a carrier pigeon
b: She will get a Padmashri
c: Niira who?


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