A Resolve against Resolutions

Happy New Year!! It is that time of the year when we spend hours deciding the factual lies we are going to say to ourselves, family members, friends and basically to anyone who cares to listen to the ineffectual lies we generally end up saying at the start of a new year. It's that time when we resolve to make promises, we haven't a hope in hell of being able to keep. Statements such as "I'll lose weight", "I'll put on weight", "I'll not make people wait", "I'll join Alcoholics Anonymous", "I'll stop feeling sorry for myself" etc!

I'm sure you must have realized that I'm talking about the infamous "New Year Resolutions!" All of us make them, break them a few days into the new year. Well, I say, if we have to break them more like an obligation, then why make them in the first place? I can proudly proclaim that I have achieved that very few individuals to have survived on this planet, since time immemorial, have! I have managed to keep up to the last resolution I made--to never make a resolution again. I refuse to set myself boundaries or curb the flow of my destiny by a set of self-imposed shackles!

I know I might sound wounded, pessimistic and wary at the dawn of the new year but maybe because it's because of a constant barrage by various media channels and publications down the years which predictably have the same question to ask us each year which winds up. "What is your new year resolution?" Initially, I was a guinea pig, completely ignorant about the repercussions of innocently stating my resolutions in good faith. But then, I realized that each time a resolution bit the dust, it became subject to ridicule.

It is not that I judge people who make New Year resolutions. I respect them equally for trying to instill discipline into their lives. I wish them best of luck in keeping upto their promises. I wait to welcome them over to the dark sides when they fail. So once more, I have decided I'm not going to make a resolution! Oops... was that a resolution? On that note, Happy New Year!!


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