The New Lifestyle Problems

We live in a world where change is a major player and change is rapid. It is happening in and around us by making our lives more interesting and challenging. I have, over the couple of years, noticed many interesting things that have arisen from this continous change and some of it is definitely worth sharing. So, here it goes the list of top six lifestyle diseases:

* Mobile-ites: Mobile-ites is a disease that has knowingly or unknowingly inflicted a large majority of the human population across all ages. The symptoms of this lifestyle disease are fairly recognizable and evident... constantly looking at the phone, the itch to dial and to text.. it's endless.

* Twitter mania and Status Message Generation: There is surely no denying in the fact that we are citizens of the "Status Message Generation". It is a double whammy. It is more like a virus that spreads rapidly and we're most definitely not immune to it. The virus-cum-obsessive compulsive disorder takes over the brain completely and compulsively update across all social networking platforms on a minute-by-minute basis. "Woke up... had coffee... driving... it's raining.. fought with boyfriend and then cab driver... crying... preparing to die... Please RT!"

* Beverage-holics: I have to admit that I need a cup of tea every morning. Statements such as "Caramel Macchiato with a double shot of espresso, decaf, with soy milk, extra foam and no sugar!" are so common. I also cannot survive without water. Let us not forget the Nilgiri or Assamese versions of Green Tea, sports energy drinks, diet versions of all beverages and the long list of healthy alternatives to everything mentioned above. We are Indians, we love our beverages and how!!

* Stress: I agree that this sounds fairly simple enough but there seems to be just one solution. We work so hard and hence we deserve a holiday and not just any kind of holiday but an extreme one. An extreme holiday which will see us bungee jump off a cliff or just vegetate on the couch the whole day. Going to places such as Matheran, Ladakh or Leh is passe, New York or Australia is the new thing. Extreme options for extreme situations.

* Click-upload-share syndrome: A recent development as to the moment someone clicks a photo which is presumably of yourself or anything abstract, it has to be uploaded on Facebook or Twitter. It doesn't matter whether if you are just eating dinner or licking an ice-cream but it's necessary for those photos to land up on Facebook or Twitter. Privacy and intimacy be damned.


PacificHues said…
you know, I've read many of these in the papers, but none quite so humorous...!
perfect mix of satire and facts, good job, man!

p.s: you forgot to mention Blogging...though, I think, Blogging is not everyone's cup of cake!

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