The Weight Gain Tamasha

We have often been told motherhood is the best phases of life for a woman. The arrival of a new born baby is a proud moment of joy for any married couple. Similarly, one of the most powerful couples from Hindi cinema Aishwarya Bachchan and Abhishek Bachchan are no different. So, when Aishwarya made an appearance at the recent Cannes Film Festival, viewers and the media were simply appalled to notice that she had not lost her post-pregnancy weight.  

To begin with, she does not have any film at hand which would demand that she lose her weight immediately. The choice whether or not she wishes to continue in films or wait for Aaradhya to grow up is entirely her decision. Why does the media need to make Aishwarya's weight gain as important as a national issue? How does it make a difference and affect us in the long run? Do we really need to discuss about her weight gain? It's her body, her life and I am sure she does not owe the nation an explanation on why she did not lose her weight post pregnancy. Let us respect the fact that it is her life and she would be the best person to take a decision on whether she wishes to return to movies or stay as a hands-on mother and rightly so. Much as we would like to believe we are not voyeurs, our claims fall flat on our face when we discuss issues such as her weight in the same breath as important national issues. Our newspapers and TV channels along with the fashion police will form a coalition and criticize her for her shabby fashion sense, her weight etc. Some of our TV channels would go to an extent such as even constructing a 30 minute bulletin around her and her weight. A Google search on Aishwarya's weight gain throws up some 450,000 results and there are videos floating around her weight gain on Youtube. 

She visits Cannes as a proud representative of Hindi cinema and why should the constant media scrutiny on her ever since she gave birth to Aaradhya six months ago be allowed to dampen her experience at the film festival? Whether she wishes to lose weight or not, is entirely left to her. The media surely has no right to dictate terms and teach her what to do. As a new hands-on mother, she wishes to savour the priceless moments of seeing her baby growing up and devoting time to the baby instead of hitting the gym. 

Gyms have become an integral part of our fitness regimens. I have always believed that our fitness regimens go for a toss in the artificial atmosphere created inside a gym. Today, we are in such times when a simple weight gain leads to an earthquake like situation where people fear that the body cycles might go for a toss and we tend to be judged through our weight. The struggle to attain nearly perfect figures lead us to aim for bikini fit bodies. How many of us have read about the strict regimens that one needs to follow to get to that level? A friend of mine had interviewed a model who appeared on a calendar wearing a bikini. For that one photo shoot, the model admitted that she struggled for nearly six months living off just protein shakes. 

The mob's unrealistic and unacceptable expectations from celebrities are evident through their viewing Aishwarya's maternity through the prism of weight gain. However, it is heartening to note that she has not given two hoots about whatever the people or media are saying against her. She is proud and brave enough to flaunt her post-natal physique. Clearly, she does not owe an explanation to anyone. More power to her and may her tribe increase! 


Swarnali said…
My opinion on the whole issue is kind of twisted. For one thing Aishwarya is into Bollywood only because of her physical appearance,we have to accept that. She is not the best actress around but the most beautiful woman in the world. Her entire base is her looks,so I think its not really very surprising to see the entire hullabaloo the media is making about her weight gain.
I have never liked her but the way she has represented herself and her choices after the baby is honestly admirable. Whatever she maybe,I think every person has the right to have their personal space and life and so does Aishwarya. To remain an over weight mum concerned only about her daughter at the moment or turning into a size zero mannequin immediately after popping the child is completely her choice and we should let her do it for herself. Its only that the whole tamasha doesn't come as a surprise to me but it sure does disgust me.
P.S.- Since you already have comment moderation on,mind removing the word verification tool?? Its very irritating typing those illegible stuff and proving am not a robot!!

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