Vodafone Speed Fest

The Indiblogger team recently asked bloggers whether if they were the fastest bloggers. To begin with, I had my apprehensions but I took up the challenge to ask why not? 

To begin with, this was meant for a few lucky bloggers who could not only meet Vodafone McLaren winner Lewis Hamilton but also go for a drive with him. Since he will be the one doing what he does best, I hope to play along with him. I was always fascinated with the idea of motion (read: speed) since childhood and my earliest association with speed was trains. It was just last year that the first F1 race took place in Delhi at the Buddh International Circuit and could not attend that due to non-availability of tickets. So, when the radio stations in Mumbai announced about Lewis Hamilton making it to India, I just jumped at the opportunity.

A colleague who managed the sports desk in the paper where I worked for a few months told me that the F1 cars are capable of being driven at 370 km per hour and  all I could guess was it was immensely fast. He then explained through an example of being able to reach Mumbai in a whopping 5 hours 40 minutes if one drives down from Delhi. Yes, it was purely because of this that I started watching more of Lewis Hamilton trying to observe the nuances of the driving sessions and hoped to catch the speed in real life too. I would honestly like to see whether if an F1 is indeed as fast as it looks on TV. Hence, I feel I should be one of the lucky bloggers to be allowed on a drive with Mr. Lewis Hamilton just to make me feel good with the assurance that I will be pleading for more. I honestly want to experience whether if it is possible to be driving down Mumbai and India's roads at such high speeds. 

P.S.: This post has been written for "Are you the fastest Indian blogger?"-- "The Vodafone Speed Fest". 


Showvhick said…
So fast.... :) nice :)

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